Patient Access to Care
is at Risk

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At a time of national crisis, UHC is forcing providers out of network with increasing frequency across the country – limiting patient choices and threatening to raise costs.[1] Safety, quality care and value matter most to us.

Help us fight for your health and access to care.

Learn how UHC's actions are hurting thousands of patients in your state.[2]

U.S. Anesthesia Partners (USAP) is the highest quality, single-specialty, anesthesia practice in the country.[3]

We are proud to be a physician-owned practice. Physicians are a significant portion of our shareholders, comprising more than a third of our Board and providing all clinical governance for the practice. Our results prove the wisdom of that approach, as we consistently lead our specialty in patient safety, outcomes and satisfaction.

In the last year, our clinicians saw more than 2 million patients. Our doctors and nurses see patients in many of the highest-ranked hospitals in their communities. We partner with pioneering surgeons to help patients receive more of their surgical care in outpatient settings so they can return home on the same day.

We believe you deserve:

Quality Care

That you can afford

Less Pain

And greater comfort

Short Stays

And reduced risk

Fast Recovery

After surgery

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USAP has invested substantially to improve quality processes that directly affect patient outcomes. Data show that our innovative anesthesia programs help patients feel better and recover faster.


Quality score in patient safety in three states in 2018[4]


Median patient-satisfaction ranking (out of 5) for USAP providers[5]


The number of days cut from the average hospital stay for certain common procedures[6]


Proportion of our anesthesiologists who are fellowship-trained to handle the most difficult cases, from complex births to organ transplants, heart failure and joint replacements[7]


The number of lives saved by USAP caregivers who have responded swiftly and efficiently during large-scale disasters, from hurricanes to mass shootings to the current COVID-19 pandemic

Skilled anesthesia practices are the difference between life and death. Quality matters.

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