Years USAP of Colorado has been in-network with UnitedHealthcare[1]


UHC patients served by USAP clinicians in Colorado in 2019[2]


The arbitrary cut in USAP reimbursements that UHC
is demanding


Surgeons that used USAP of Colorado for their anesthesia cases in 2019[3]


The percentage of acute-care hospitals in the Denver area that USAP exclusively covers for all trauma, surgical and OB procedures


The percentage of patient use of opioids that have been cut across a range of surgical procedures at the majority of Denver-area hospitals as a result of USAP protocols[4]

Unlike other anesthesia providers in Colorado, USAP clinicians’ special training makes expert care available to patients undergoing organ transplants, high-risk pregnancy, cardiac procedures, trauma, pediatrics and other critical needs. We are proud to cover a disproportionate number of these complex cases.

Help us fight for your access to care.

Tell your HR department that you deserve better coverage.

Ask why UHC is the only insurance company not contracted with the hospital’s anesthesia professionals and why UHC may be increasing your financial obligation. Bring our sample letter (below) to your HR department.

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Complete and return the “UnitedHealthcare Appointment of Representative” form to USAP.

This will allow USAP to appeal your claim and request fair payment from UHC. You should not be held responsible for higher out-of-pocket costs

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Call UnitedHealthcare.

Contact the member phone number on your health plan ID card and request for your claim to be treated as in-network. Request an updated Explanation of Benefits (EOB) that confirms you are treated as in-network. The EOB will show any costs for which you are responsible as if the services were from an in-network provider.

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  2. Confidential survey claims data, 2019, Q1-Q3

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  4. Centura and HCA customer data